Complaint Against a Service United States

Stanley Soosay

My elderly mother fell victim to financial fraud. My 85 year old mother lives alone in Malaysia. She was introduced to Stanley Soosay and his wife Martha by her younger sister, Chivam. They came highly recommended, and Stanley, in typical con artist form had initially borrowed $3000 from my mother and had repaid it promptly.

He then visited my mother in person at her home in Petaling Jaya. I bore witness to this as well, as I was present at the time. Early part of 2019, Mr Soosay visited my mother with a request to borrow an additional sum of $5000. My Mother was kind enough to loan him the money, with promises and assurances from Mr Soosay to repay the loan in its entirety within 3 months. Time passed, and still no monies from Mr Soosay were returned to my Mother, even after repeated attempts to collect the outstanding debt from both Mr Soosay and his wife, Martha, who both live in Seremban, Malaysia, about an hour and half drive away from my Mother.

On November 22, 2019, my Mother visited the Police Headquarters in person, with my cousin and myself and filed the attached police report. The police have yet to retrieve said monies from Mr Soosay. The police report has outlined the monies borrowed in Malaysian Ringgit of MYR 19000, which is approximately USD $5000.

Country United States
State Alabama