Complaint Against a Service

Staples — Dell laptop

Staples — Dell laptop

Tech argued with me:
He did not know monitors are all currently LCD with backlighting and that the backlighting is either incandescent or LED.

He did not know if latest upgrade version of Win10 was installed on laptop i.e. 1903, and did not know how to find out or was unwilling to find out which version was or would be on the laptop I purchased.

The only software packages to be installed were(or are as of two days later the laptop I purchased is not available for me to pickup) McAfee and driver for HP laser jet printer. Still no word as of second day of purchase.

This Tech was not pleasant or knowledgeable. In past experiences with store, the techs have been very pleasant but not always knowledgeable.


Staples Customer Service

2975 Max Ave, Bozeman, MT 59718, United States