Complaint Against a Service United States

Star Furniture Company / Bed, Mattress and the Base are not compatible This company does not stand behind what the sell just $$$$

June 2018

The amount of space between the mattresses/base and the head and footboards is so big our pillows keep falling in between. I complained about this problem from the beginning I even contacted the manufacturer of the base they said there is nothing they can do about it they said Star Furniture Company should not have sold this to you with that headboard. I finally had Customer Care Advocate: Leah Williams acknowledged my problem and sent a technician who was not good person or technician

The technician came did not do much to help the problem. He thought by placing these thin pieces of pads under bed legs that we use in the kitchen drawers as a cover it would help. That did not last long and the touchup of the scratches is fading away. Because he could not address the spacing problem of the frame brace (which is designed to hold mattress in place) is back hitting the footboard and the mattress keeps slipping and the pillows keep dropping between the headboard and the mattress because of the space.

The Technician took some pictures himself and he saw the problem but he did not know how to fix it. Also in his report the part that connects the USB is not working and he said that he would report that too and someone would be in touch addressing all these issues.

Customer Care Advocate: Leah Williams is no longer working there so I am lost called today a and I was told there is nothing that Star Furniture Company can help me.