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Star Tribune Media Company — Incredible poor customer service

The Star Tribune’s business plan is incredible. Enroll paying subscribers so that they can show advertisers the number of homes that they are reaching and correspondingly charge a higher advertising rate. But then do not deliver the Sunday paper for six straight weeks, so that there is no cost associated with that advertising revenue. My wife and I religiously use the Sunday ads/coupons to save money on our purchases. And I know that the advertisers count on their coupons reaching subscribers. So the only party that benefits is the Star Tribune. Each week after not receiving the paper by 9 am, I have either called customer service or gone online to request that my paper be delivered that day, an option that they list on their website. None were ultimately delivered. Twice customer service agents have said that they would escalate the issue. Nothing ever happens. I guess when a business model is profitable and works for the company, done tinker with it.

Star Tribune Media Company
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