Complaint Against a Service United States

Starbucks — extremely rude and belligerent staff. 1

I am highly disappointed today 1/29/2020 with this girl with “red hair colored with glasses” who was so rude and on the edge. I go to this starbucks all the time. Please do not serve people or work at all if you don’t don’t how to have normal conversations with people, people who are working hard and paying for the service and helping with your business running. Throughout my order she pretended as she does not understand and made me repeat multiple times everything. She definitely has problems with her ears that she need to get checked but I felt like she was kinda mean in asking me over and over for the same simple order.They did not have a cup holder for my over 4 cup of order. While leaving I softly requested can you guys make sure you have cupholders next time as you can see its very convenient. She again defiantly said ” we do run out of them sometimes”. I said I understand and left. NOT A PLEASANT WAY TO DO BUSINESS.

6600 North 72nd Street, Omaha, NE, 68122, United States