Complaint Against a Service

Steak ‘n Shake Enterprises / Horrible service

We visited the Steak n Shake yesterday on Bechtle in Springfield, Ohio at 1:30 p.m. We were in a hurry but the parking lot was pretty empty so we figured we were pretty safe.

We both looked at the time when we walked in and when we parked it was 1:30. It took a little while to be seated. There were a lot of dirty tables so I assumed they had just got over a busy lunch.

The restaurant had less than a third of the tables with patrons though. After we were sat, we waited for a long time and finally a waitress (whom I believe must have also been an assistant manager or team leader or something, because of the way she was dressed) came by and said she would be with us “in a bit”.

The restaurant was a mess, presumably from a busy lunch but they were not busy from customers then. I witnessed a lot of other people cleaning tables and other things. We were never even offered water or brought drinks.

At one time, the waitress brought drinks to our table, but they were someone else’s. We finally left a the restaurant at 2:15!!! We never even got a drink order after 45 minutes!!!

The waitress acted like she could barely talk. I believe she was sick or high. She should have been sent home at any point. I spoke to the male manager on duty and he apologized profusely, but never said, here let me throw a few hamburgers on the grill for you to go, or here is a gift card for your trouble.

He just agreed that it was entirely unacceptable. At first I had told him we had sat there for about 20 or 30 minutes without service, but when I got back in the car and realized how long it really was I called him back and asked to talk to a manager.

Someone named Laura who could hardly get her words out got on the phone. I think she was the one who waited on us. I asked to speak to the male manager. I told him it had actually been about 45 minutes.

He again apologized and said he agreed it was unacceptable but the waitress was obviously still on duty. My name is Jill Gunsaulies. My address is 745 Pindar Street Urbana, Ohio. 43078. [protected]. Thank you

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