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Me and my family have been going to the S&S in Leesburg Florida today June 1st around 845-9pm. I ordered the same thing I always order, a Portabello and swiss burger, WITHOUT onion. I stress this several times as I get sick at the tast of it and every time without fail I recieve the mushroom n swiss with onion in there when the person who took my order specifically told them no onion. I asked that they take it and fix it. The burger came back to my table quick enough my 7 year old made the comment “wow that was fast” and when looking at it what we thoguht at the time was the cook had just scraped off the onion and sent it back out. So we asked for the Manager. We had our server come back out and wanted to relay the information back to the manager vs coming out to talk to us. We then explained that we wanted a NEW burget without the onion as even taking it off the last sandwich one could still smell and presumedly taste the onion. It then took about 15 minutes for them to make my 1 burger correctly and was long enough my 2 kids wife and the rest of my family was done and wanting to leave. So I ate it quikly as my wife went up to pay the bill and talk to the manager (Jackie) sp?. So everything was explained to her as we saw it where we were then corrected that SHE was the one who took the onion off and gave it back to us. My wife then explained the idea of digging though the burger to get the onion out is not appatizing regarless of the manager explaining her hands were clean. After further protest and words we were blown off and they refunded the cost of the burger which seemed to be done more so she could go about doing what she wanted vs helping a customer. Ive not witten any other company in my life but this felt like a complete violation on the idea behind ordering food and having a customer satisfaction driven goal. Again this is just the last time in a line of several instances where I received incorrect orders and have to either walk back inside and correct them or worse drive back the 20 min when we find out at home. I feel the lack of care by the manager was absolutely unacceptable and I would like a follow up on anything that comes from this letter. Thank you for your time

Ted Kendall

Steak ‘n Shake Enterprises Customer Service

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