Complaint Against a Service

Steak ‘n Shake Enterprises / Wait staff and food.

December 25th, 2018 my family and I went to the steak and shake by our home for dinner. We are a split family and we only had some of our kids, it’s been a hard few years and we don’t have family or friends to visit.. so we went there to eat. We were sat down in a timely manner and fully aware that it was Christmas night, and that they were very busy. We had a waitress come and take our drink orders, and tried to take our food order but we hadn’t even been given menu’s.

That seemed to upset her, that we weren’t prepared to order. However she stayed professional and got us our menus. Like I said it was very busy, and my fiancé and I are not ones to complain. We sat and talked, she finally came back with our drinks which were wrong.. however we didn’t say much about it and let it go.

We ordered our food. It took over an hour to bring it to us.. ( we were still fine with that it’s busy, it’s Christmas, no big deal) The waitress we had at the time was pretty nice, I even thought to myself.. man I want to tip her big, she’s working on Christmas night and is super busy..

I know this is hard work. However, when she brought our food finally.. my food and my fiancé’s food was totally wrong.. again we said nothing. I was so hungry at this point we just wanted to eat. When she came back to finally fill our drinks some of the other guests at our table asked her for the ranch they had ordered. The lady became visibly angered.. she said in a loud tone “I KNOW!” and stomped off..

when she came back we asked for tomato and lettuce for our hamburgers.. we didn’t get what we ordered but we would make the best of it. She stopped.. stared at us with a very mean grimace and said “both of yall want lettuce and tomato?!?” and we said “yes please” and she turned away in a huff. She brought the lettuce and tomato and ranch back to our table and threw it down hard.

We were all in shock. She went from being pretty nice to extremely angered. I was immediately uncomfortable and unable to eat my dinner..
We didn’t have napkins, I was afraid to even ask her for a refill or napkins.. however someone else at our table turned to her as she was working and asked her for napkins.. she stood there and starred at us. It was like a stare down, I didn’t know what was happening. I thought she was going to flip the tables.

I am not exaggerating.. it was the weirdest experience. She stared us down and then said “you want napkins?!” and she grabbed some and threw them down on the table. At this point I was ready to just get out of there.. we got no refills on our drinks and we were pretty much terrified of this woman.

She eventually came back to our table said “everything was good right? your ticket is at the front”–didn’t ask if we needed refills, didn’t ask if we needed to go boxes, didn’t say thank you –nothing. We went to the front politely asked for a to go box.. we had wrapped some chicken fingers in napkins.

Well that must have upset her too because she stormed off to get it. We paid and left, however she was not kind, didn’t say merry Christmas, didn’t say thank you… and when our other guests were paying and couldn’t get the card reader to work she was sighing and getting impatient.. it was so very awkward and a horrible experience. We want you to know that this happened, it was a terrible example for Steak and Shake.

A refund would be great.. and an apology. She ruined our Christmas dinner, and caused us all to be quite fearful to even ask for anything. I am applaud at the way we were treated. It is unnecessary. We are very understanding people. We know it was Christmas and it’s a hard time for some,

we understand people most likely don’t want to be working on Christmas– we weren’t having a great time either, it’s a very emotional and hard day for us, and to be treated so badly on top of that was just wrong. I hope that this issue is resolved and no one else will ever be treated in the manner we were. Thank you for your time.

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