Complaint Against a Service

Steak n Shake – Florida

I was at steak n shake twice this week, the first time the waitress forgot several things,we had to remind her. The first time I went with my brother and nephew who were from out of town and I had bragged about steak n shake how good the food was.

This time it was disappointing we ordered the taco salad it was mostly lettuce and they had no salsa or sour cream, they did however have taco sauce, there was little meat or beans. The next time we went to have milk shakes and my brother a burger and tea.

My milkshake was not cold and my brother’s tea was sour he drank it and didn’t say anything then we got one to go and he said it tasted funny and it was sour,they took off the tea. I didn’t say anything about the shake. I did mention to the manager about the taco salad and he said it was in the corporates hands but they didn’t do any thing to make up for it.

I go to steak n shake 2 times a week and get tea for work or soda and sometimes milkshakes for the girls at work,but if this keeps up I may reconsider.

There burgers are great but they could improve on service and taco salad, and tea and make sure the milkshakes are cold not warm. This steak n shake it in port charlotte fl on eljobean rd by the town center mall.

1 800 547 4253

107 S Pennsylvania Street, Suite 400 Indianapolis Indiana United States – 46204