Complaint Against a Service

Steers sarnia / Service/Delivery

I placed an order online for 2 chicken burgers, 1 onion and bacon burger and 1 bacon and cheese burger with a mango shake. 50 minutes after placing the order I phoned to find out where my order was to which I was told the order had already left with the driver, staying only 3km away I phoned again 20 minutes later to get the drivers number.

After a 5 minute back and forth between Steers and Fishaways, the driver arrived with 4 rave burgers.

It is in my express opinion that the Sarnia Steers inside Engen should be closed down.
This is only 1 of many issues we have had with Steers Sarnia including waiting at the counter for 45 minutes for an order as well as burgers and chips being left off our orders completely

and I cannot still believe they are in business with such record setting incompetence. It is safe to say we will never be ordering from them again and it has directly influenced our feelings towards the Steers brand.