Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Stephanie Osborn

Stephanie Osborn, Stephanie Kay Young, Stephanie Young, Stephanie K Young, Stephanie K Osborn, husband Manuel Osborn, Manuel Moe Osborn ripped us off and owe over $700!! We obtained a judgment which as gone UNPAID. We have filed an abstract judgment against their property which will accrue interest until paid.

BEWARE to anyone who might be hired for services to get paid upfront or RUN!! This woman is low rent, refused to pay so we sued her. She showed to court with a plethora of nonsensical excuses why she hasn’t paid for pool cleaning and a small pvc repair which Stephanie and Manuel Osborn broke by over tightening their salt cell union. We provided a low estimate to repair, Stephanie approved the repair BUT NEVER PAID FOR IT!! During the small claims court trial Stephanie purported we broke her hose reel.

Amazing how all the calls and texts to request payment there was no mention of this, UNTIL WE WENT TO COURT! It was old and brittle and clearly a closeout from BigLots she was trying to blame us for. We never saw, touched, used or heard about this UNTIL WE WENT TO COURT! Then Stephanie complains to the judge one of our employees came to her house on a Saturday to clean her filter WHICH SHE NEVER PAID FOR!!! claiming he brought his kids with him.

Well Stephanie had requested a filter cleaning SHE NEVER PAID FOR!! and it was his day off, he lives in Riverside and was headed to Orange County for a family function, he did this ingrate degenerate a favor instead of having her wait til the next week he stopped by on his DAY OFF to help this trash who NEVER PAID!!!

Of course, with all the texts and calls to request payment for services rendered no mention UNTIL WE WENT TO COURT!!! She had several other flimsy excuses which didn’t work with the commissioner including telling the commissioner “they have a habit of doing this” and “taking their customers to court” CORRECT Stephanie Osborn we have a habit of expecting to get paid for services rendered, when we don’t receive payment we sue. We sued you, we won, still not a penny paid. We scheduled a creditor debtor hearing which has been held off due to covid. If this woman calls you think twice!!

Country United States
State California
City Corona
Address 1913 Bern Dr.
Phone 951-961-5412