Complaint Against a Service United States

Stephen C. Giametta & Associates, P.C.

On February 15, 2019 I paid $2,000.00 to Stephen Giametta & Associates to perform a collection service agianst JUanito Macutay & Associates. Stephen Giametta did not do their job and I have to keep asking for progress update through email. Thye responded only on May 1, 2019 that they started to review the case. Again I requested update on Juen 23, 24, 28 and only received a respond on July 14, 2019. I again asked for update on September 17, 2019 and Nove 20, 2019 and only received a respond on November 29, 2019. On December 3, 2019 Mr. Giametta informed me that he will file a Default Judgrment against the defendant. I asked for after update on December, 2019, January 2020 and February 2020 but the lawyer never responded.

Country United States
State New York
City Lake Grove
Address 1001 Hawkins Ave. Unit 1294
Phone 1-631-743-0529