Complaint Against a Service United States

Strang Hall

When first hired in training we were to be pd. $15 per hr. while in training, and all were not pd. such, and the workers hired since, are not trained. As a Busser I was pd. $13 per hr., now they are advertising for $10-12 per hr. There is a high turnover, nepotism, constant pay disputes-workers are pd. various wages in the same positions, low tip wages are shared between the Busser, Hall Monitor aka Host, Dishwashers, Bartenders & Cooks.

I do not believe we were properly pd., as the other restaurants I’ve worked-you knew that day or the next what your tips are; You are Bamboozled- here you know nothing until you get your pay check-every 2-wks., all cash tips were to be turned over to any Manager on Duty-now told to give to any Bartender.

The customers can only place orders with a Debit/Credit card and at this time, they are asked what tip percentage of the food cost, if any, are they wanting to give even before your food is delivered or any service. Many times, they will give at this time and afterwards, the customer will leave a tip for the Busser or Bartender on the table or gives it to them personally. It is clear, that the customers expected, the one upon whom it was given in this matter, was expected to receive, the tips directly, however, management expects this to be also turned into the tip-pool.

The Managers constantly lies about lying by saying all issues are derived from being a new restaurant-however your ideas, opinions & suggestions most of the time are ignored & not welcomed as you are sold face tickets & 1-Manager, as many have said-walks up to you-says whatever & immediately walks away- not allowing a response, is unprofessional, when you are not allowed to respond or have a conversation, and they expect you to do 2 & 3 peoples jobs/sections-but pd. for 1, and they will send some home early and expect you to do their side work. If you ever leave & apply for work or services, needing verification of employment, I have found most were ignored without a response.

Country United States
State Kansas
City Overland Park
Address 7313 W 80th St
Phone 1 913-210-0475