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This is absolutely ridiculous that this site gets away with scamming people. This site is so fake, making it look like they have quality products and they are from the US. They even go as far as to make some comments in their FAQs that they have fulfillment in North America so again not making it appear that they are from China. I don’t normally leave reviews, but I am done with the consumer scams. To top it all off, I saw 1 of the exact same dresses on Amazon for $30.00 dollars cheaper. I am not letting this go, I am taking this all the way to the news if needed. I purchased @200.00 dollars worth of dresses, when I say cheap that would be an understatement. I had NO idea this was in China. They do everything in their power to make it appear that these are US products and the site show it that way. From my understanding, the merchant is supposed to make it clear when sending from China, but when I tell you this purposely hidden, believe me when I say. I had to send several e-mails and even called the number they have posted boldly on the site. Well, no one answers the number. They try to make it seems like you can get in contact with someone, but you cant, you just get voicemail. This is robbery in the highest form and when I say everything about this experience is horrible. It is everything. If you buy from them just expect to get slapped in the face.. The consumer is truly being mislead and I have had enough. Even though I knew I was being mistreated, I still tried to work with this scam, just to move it along. So once I found out they were in China, I wanted to see if we can work something out. First I called, left a message. No answer or return call. Than I sent an e-mail where I even asked them if they would be willing to split the cost of shipping with me, since again there is no way for me to know that the fulfillment of the products were in China and I would have to pay this astronomical amount of money to ship. Of course they said ‘no” and indicated that shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Well I was completely aware of that and it was not a problem. But one small detail, I did Not know you were in China and you made sure I didn’t. Now most of this is principle because I am really tired of the consumer being treated like trash when the merchants are not providing the consumer with the proper knowledge so they can make a decision. They should show how the real dresses look like other sites. Then if people want to buy they will know. They should make it Visually clear where they are from. Let me be clear, I would Not have purchased 1 item if I knew they fulfilled from China. That is why I say knowing that information is important. I am not letting this go. Its unfair and I have had enough.

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