Complaint Against a Service

Stylewe / over $200 is clothing lost in china

I purchased over $200 in clothing from StyleWe…looked fabulous on the website. What I received was substandard and super small. I requested a return label and received the return label and instructions, paid over $30 to return in early July 2018.

By August, the status was still “in transit”. I emailed the company in October (and was sent a screenshot of the status — which 2 months later was still, “in transit”). I was offered 30% of my total or 35% store credit.

As I review this website, it is clear that I am not alone. I’d like a reasonable refund. Most companies require a 15-25% restocking fee — not 70%!

StyleWe Customer Care Service
Feilihuating 1-1-301
Beijing, NJ
China – 100096
+1 877 277 7209