Complaint Against a Service United States

Subway — False advertisement on the subway app on buy one sub and you get one free

I am very displeased when it came to the service up there at the Subway on 3227 Southwest military drive suite 101 San Antonio Texas 78211 I was trying to do the app online on the subway app to get that Subway deal for the buy one get one free submarine sandwiches and I ask for help nobody would help me with it and I am very displeased and also another thing you guys do false advertisement when it comes to using the subway app for that buy one get one free and I don’t believe it’s true. And here is a copy of my receipt to.

Subway IP Inc.

327 Howard
South Carolina
United States – IL60202
Complaint Against a Service United States

Subway — Meatball sandwich had hair in it.

Went to Subway #48200-0 at Walmart in Roseburg, OR 2125 NW Stewart Pkwy on 10/14/19 @ 10:43 pm to purchase a sandwich to take home for my son. This was a meatball sandwich. Footlong on white, toasted. The female sandwich maker was pleasant and quick.

I took the sandwich home and handed the bag to my son. He sat down and ate approximately 3/4 of the sandwich, before I heard him yell out “gross”, gagging. He shouted that there was hair in his food. My son is bald with no facial hair.

He showed me the hair, which was fairly long that he pulled out of his mouth with marinara sauce on it. I can’t recall what length of hair the female sandwich maker had, so I don’t know if it was in the meat, cheese and veggie bins or from the worker herself.

Needless to say, my son ran outside and lost everything in his stomach. I can never order there again. This was transaction # 1/A-294720 HOST ORDER ID: [protected]. A refund would be appreciated of the cost of sandwich at $6.75.

2125 NW Stewart Parkway, Roseburg, Or 97470 , United StatesFast Food Restaurants