Sullivan Center For Breast Health

On three separate occasions I have had appointments and not received a scan. The first time it was a follow up because they found a lump. They called and told me to come back in and during that call I made my follow up appt.

When I arrived they said where is your order? I was very confused since they requested I come back, not my physician. When I didn’t have one they said they couldn’t see me.

The second and third time they felt my referral was written too broadly because it only requested a screening not a follow up on my lump.

No other imaging center will see me because they didn’t diagnose the lump and they are fearful that they will not be able to monitor it because they don’t have the original scans, which I can’t get released.

I am stuck at this place and miserable.

(202) 537-4545
5255 Loughboro Rd NW Sibley Hospital – Renaissance Building Washington, DC 20016 b/t N Macarthur Blvd & N Norton St