Complaint Against a Service United States

Summerlin Foot & Ankle

I first scheduled surgery with this doctor in December. I paid for an office visit, I paid for pre-op at the hospital only to have to cancel the surgery because the doctor was going on vacation for three weeks. I wait until January to reschedule and I’m told I have to come in for another pre-op appointment.

When I go to the pre-op appointment they tell me the pre-op is for me to call the hospital and schedule my own pre-op, so I asked him why am I here if I’ve already done the pre-op with you in December? Then I asked why we needed an appointment to review all the stuff we already reviewed?

Instead of explaining everything to me this doctor canceled my surgery because “I wouldn’t follow procedure” now I’ve waited two months, gone through pre-op appointments twice, paid office visits only to have the doctor decide that since I question the need for the appointment he was going to cancel my surgery.

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 3320 N Buffalo Dr #107
Phone 1 702-256-8454