Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Summit Protection & Consulting, Inc.

I was hired to provide security services at ‘Le Creuset’ a national outlet store that sells premium French cookware on July 3rd and/or 4th? by Mr Carter aka Mr Finney-Carter. Upon completion I invoiced him for services and have been given the run around for 3+ months. I am now told that there were as many as 14 additional instances of being employed by this man. After resonable time passed based on covid excuses andother what appearedto be plausable excuses, I ve decided to reach out to others nd with them and persnal reasearch I have found that this man appears to be a serial scammer in many communities and under many corparate identities. His other corparate identies include but are not limited to Tristate Securityinc; JSD Protective services (JSDPS); Fairfield County Protective Agency; Vista Protective services and more to come. I have not researched any of the other companies to know if they were/are legitamate or other fake identites. I only add them to show histrical association.

Country United States
State New York
City Bronx
Address 1451 WEST AVE
Phone 914-368-7501