Complaint Against a Service South Africa

Sun International / Health Risk

My family booked into Vacation Club units from Dec 17-21, 2018. This was one day after the big storm so before we left Botswana for Sun City we called to make sure that everything was fine for our stay. When we arrived it was first to be informed that the two units that we booked in March 2018 were not side by side as per our request. Upon arriving in our unit it was to find that the master bathroom toilet leaked and the room smelt. The day before we left the hotel decided to remove all of the ceiling insulation from our unit. This laid a fine layer of insulation all over the unit. No one bothered to clean this up. We were unable to sleep as all rooms were covered in this areolite and in addition my daughter who is asthmatic and has alleriges had trouble breathing all night long. When reported to the hotel all we got was so sorry they should have cleaned up. They did not even acknowledge the danger that this poised to my children nor did they care that my daughter suffered. Sun International i am so shocked with how we were treated, how you did not care and you should be reported to the Ministry of Health as my daughter could have had a very bad asthma attack from this. Also note that the smell of the toilet never left as the maid never wiped up the overflow. Really shocking.

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