Complaint Against a Service Saudi Arabia

Sunbulah / 100 % HONEY

Dear Respected Sir, 

Good Day ! This is to bring to your kind attention that in the in the month of March -2019 i purchased Al Shifa Honey from Lulu Hyper Market, Khobar . When i started using the product i noticed that the product is sub standard and i bring this issue to the Lulu Hyper-market and complained to them about this issue . At first they refused to entertained my complaint but after arguing with the supervisor they offered me the credit voucher of 44.95 SR and told me to go away as we already gave you the credit voucher and close the issue. I told them i don’t need your money i can buy 100 bottles of honey with my own money and i politely requested them that this issue should be noted down in complaint and in return they gave me customer feedback form which i fill and gave to them and as per them they told me somebody will call you from our end but nothing happened even after 02 weeks . Again i went to them stating the reasons for the follow up complaint they are saying Al Shifa people checked their products in all Lulu Hypermarkets about their product which they found after inspection is good but only the product which i purchased is having problems which they said they and as well as they cannot do anything beyond this point and they even tried to escape by saying it is not lulu brand . I refuted them and i told them i trust lulu that is the reason why i come over over here to purchase the product and both should be held accountable for this sub standard product which is not related to me and somebody has to take responsibility for this grave issue which is related to human health. Some Supervisor rank holders telling me you buy this product in Promotion that is the reason might be it is like this . I asked them if the product is in promo it is fake product or original product ? Lulu did not take any action but they gave me credit voucher which i refused to redeem it and i told them to give suitable compensation regarding your product which could endanger my health related problems and the 100 % Honey is turned out be 100 % sugar which raises serious concern about the quality of the product.

Furthermore last week i.e. one Manager from Al shifa has called me and told me to take the money and close the issue it is 100 % honey when i confronted him about the product he said it is crystal which is not possible at any case and i asked his name and he refused to reveal his identity as he was making an call from lulu khobar . When i told him i will take this issue to Baladiya, he told me do whatever you want i dont care and disconnected the call . I demand stringent action against them and my request for compensation should also be considered. I met Managers of lulu and Manager head too but no response and promised me the Lab certificate for that Honey still not yet provided and i wonder whether that report is original / fake could be possible .

Hence in this regard i request you sir to do the needful and what further actions can be taken in this regard . Attached are the pictures for your reference.

Thanks & Best Regards, 
Wasif Ali Mohammed,