Complaint Against a Service United States

Suntrust Banks / check deposit

This complaint is in reference to the checking account of Kathryn and John Turman, [protected]. Both of us are old enough that we must take RMDs out of our IRAs at Fidelity. I (John) have been writing checks to SunTrust for two years for up to $20, 000 to be taken from Fidelity Investments and put in the joint account above. It has usually taken 2 to 3 days for the check to clear so that the funds were available to me. On January 7th, my account showed a Teller Connect Deposit of $34, 000. Shortly thereafter, my account showed that I could not access most of that money ($29, 000) until this coming Tuesday (1/15). Yesterday, 1/12) I received a letter from SunTrust that you were making the money unavailable for one of several reasons. Amount of deposit – remember I have had no trouble depositing $20, 000 repeatedly. Check type and time of deposit – nonsense. Age of your account/Account history of repeated overdrafts or returned checks – almost 19 years with no overdrafts or returned checks. Last reason, If SunTrust has reason to doubt that the check will be paid or if it has already been returned unpaid in the past. In other words, you think I might commit fraud against SunTrust after 19 years of a perfect record with the bank and a Credit rating of over 800. I’m just glad I didn’t send a check to the IRS that would have bounced. Please let me know why you refused to grant me access to my money. If you were concerned for the last reason, that I might commit fraud, I need to find another bank.

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