Complaint Against a Service

Suntrust Banks / Credit card charges

First… telephone communication WITH TWO Suntrust representatives.. totally Failing… must be in Central America or Southeast Asia. Disgusting…

The Goal .. was to block a credit card charge… by a company? .. who has been blocked in the Past… and With whom I have had NO business or any Transactions..

The alleged charged was placed against a Credit Card Number which was replaced more than a year ago… and for which all claims should be disallowed…

The first SunTrust agent, male, hung up on me, when I protested that HE was trying to justify the Claimants charge to me…

The Second Agent, female, suggested that the only solution was to Cancel the Credit Card Account and number I now have.. — which is Stupid and unacceptable.

I hung up.

This is the Not the first time I have complained, resisted and Rejected the claim by, with Whom I have had NO business, transactions or communications, who are apparently Crooks but are they supported and blessed by SunTrust’s Consumer/Client processes and struggles??

Time for Sayonara… for SunTrust, after 15 years… ?? Annuities and All ??

Totally … not… OK…

SunTrust Banks Customer Service
1 Park Pl NE
Atlanta, GA
United States – 30303-2904
+1 800 786 8787