Complaint Against a Service

Suntrust Banks / Notary service

Went to SunTrust for notary service on the property that was being sold. We called ahead of time to make sure they would do the notary. We were told to be seated upon arrival we waited Until someone asked who needed a notary service done.

We were asked to go to her office and immediately she asked for two witnesses. We were one witness short and we were not allowed to ask an employee or even someone we knew that was sitting in the waiting area because we didn’t know her full name.

She was very rude and did not understand people can’t be asking others to go along with them just to witness him signing. We went to Capital City had no problems there they had witnesses that’s fine for us and they have a new customer also.

1 Park Pl NE
Atlanta, GA
United States – 30303-2904
+1 800 786 8787