Complaint Against a Service United States

Surgical 3 layer Medical Masks N-95 Mask

WARNING! Do not buy masks from unknown unreliable websites!

Do not respond to emails soliciting you to buy masks!

I am sure everyone is getting these unsolicited emails to buy ‎Surgical masks. Delete those emails.

Only order face masks from known reliable sources. If buying from Amazon, make sure it is sold and distributed by Amazon Prime. It is true Amazon can also be fooled.

It is suggested you should only buy masks from any known drug store, your local grocery store pharmacy. They should have them in stock soon.

It was reported to scamion this video can be from Pakistan, New York, Detroit, Chicago or Los Angeles. Either way, these masks are on their way to USA consumers thru email solicitation to unsuspecting consumers.

scamion sent this video to the FBI. FBI tells Scamion they are concerned and are now looking into this.

Watch this video! Responding to unsolicited emails about buying masks could get you makes made by the people in the video.

Don’t use a debit card! Giving your credit or debit card information to these people will likely cause your card to be compromised. Best not to use your credit or debit cards to unknown companies.

Never ever use debit cards in general unless you know the business. Debit cards give you zero protection for fraud.

See this disgusting video. Ignore all email solicitations for masks or gloves.

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