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Suzuki Motor Corporation / wagon r stingray car issue – adjuster issue (they said)

I have brought a wagon r stingray car 2018 model one in march 2018 & it was brand new even though it categorized as recondition (it’s odometer just had 24 km when i received it ).
Now the odometer reading is 16400 Km & recently i felt this small noise which get louder when accelerating (at initially stage). later the sound felt just after starting & no need the acceleration.

I met the Agent recommended service team & what they said was the ”damp” ( they also said ”adjuster” ) is broken & there is no warranty for that. top of that they said that replacing one adjuster ( car has two) with original part would cost me Rs 65000 & as a alternative, they would repair the adjuster by them selves & replace the belt for Rs 30000.

And i came to know that my both adjusters were broken & it would cost me around Rs 130000 for the original part replacement.
Further they showed me the manufacturing dates of these adjusters & they are in 2017. They said that the part’s manufacturing quality is very low & it’s quality justifies it’s trait of ” it not lasting for long ”.

So my question is that, I brought this car around Rs 3300000 & even before 1 year use, am i supposed spend around 4% of the bought cost for repairs ?? and how reasonable is that? It is a known fact that brand new cars are repair free for at-least 3-4 years (in srilanka). even My previous Indian car did not have any technical repair for first 5 years.
This is a japan car which is manufactured for Japanese use .Still did not last for at least one year without a repair.
Pls pay attention on this point & at least try to give warranty for these kind of things.

I have no option other that going for a cheaper repair place. because i cannot afford to spend that much money when my annual insurance also on door step.

While i’m searching for a cheaper place to repair the car, many repair teams told me that this issue is a big concern in srilanka & many people come for them for the repair.
No doubt that you cannot expect a big demand for wagon r in srilanka in coming years as many srilankan aware about these issues.
I have attached a photo of defected part for your reference.

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