Complain Aganist a Person

Swamp People Show — I am complaining about the tv show swamp people being over the tv airwaves


Dear Executives of the History Channel (Swamp
People TV show),

I want the television show on your History
Channel called “Swamp People” taken off the
television airwaves. This show indirectly glorifies the slave catchers of runaway African-American slaves in the past history and in the present age.
It is a racist, vile, violent, and unethical television
show. Anyone involved in the making and production of this show ‘Swamp People’ and the
real life actors shooting and killing alligators should
have long ago been thrown in prison for the unethical treatment of animals. PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) should be protesting
this television show known as “Swanp People”.
Finally, this show is very offensive to me and should offend all African-Americans as well as decent civil people everywhere for its indirect historical portrayal of the slave catchers hunting down runaway African-American slaves . Please
take this slave-catching television show off of the
History Channel and off of the television airwaves
forever. Let it die in the dustbin of history today!

Mr. Kevin M. Roberts