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Swissair / Swissair horrible customer service

When we arrived in Zurich, a friendly Swiss agent was waiting by at gate as we disembark. Sees our boarding pass, says “yes, Budapest, gate 54 right there”. Points to a gate just a few meters away. There we waited. As the time approached and no one else showed, we checked and found that she had misdirected us. So we ran to the other terminal. When we arrived the shuttle bus was still there, but they refused to let us board and sent it away. Never, ever again on Swissair – not a clue on operations or customer service! No help or courtesy from the original (unidentified) agent who misdirected us, nor from check-in agent Limacher Roman, his supervisor D. Chetelat, transfer desk agent D. Anioke-Cipoli, nor her supervisor. I booked this ticket via Tauck and will be instructing them never to put me on a Swiss (or Lufthansa) flight again.

Swiss International Air Lines Customer Care Service

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