Complaint Against a Service

Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn. Bhd. / high water billing

Ketua Wilayah Daerah Gombak,

Invoice No. [protected] (September 2018)
CHING BAK HENG (Account No. [protected])

Dear Sir,
I wish to bring to your kind attention of my above-said invoice of the exceptionally high water bill which recorded a usage of 42 cubic meters (from 17/08/18 to 19/09/18) for RM40.85.

I immediately suspected something was not right upon receiving my invoice and went to check the meter reading and found that there was nothing unusual as the meter did not run when all my taps were turned off as I suspected there might be internal pipe leaking.

So, I went to your Bandar Baru Selayang Office sometime on October 8th to make a complaint on this high billing and your good staff took down my complaint accordingly (Case No. [protected]).

On October 10th, one of your staff came over to my house to check and confirmed there was no internal pipe leak and replaced a new meter (Serial No. AIS18PA0259991).

My October Invoice No. [protected] recorded a total usage of 25 cubic meters as follows:
Old meter (RPUAS0453045) from 19/09/18 – 10/10/18 recorded 21 cubic meter
New meter (AIS18PA0259991) from 10/10/18 – 17/10/18 recorded 4 cubic meter

My November Invoice No. [protected] from 17/10/18 – 19/11/18 recorded 28 cubic meters for RM19.65

From my previous billings for the past months from June to August are as below:

1. June (Invoice No. [protected]) from 18/05/18 – 20/06/18 recorded 25 cubic meters for RM16.55

2. July (Invoice No. [protected]) from 20/06/18 – 18/07/18 recorded 20 cubic meters for RM11.40

3. August (Invoice No. [protected]) from 18/07/18 – 17/08/18 recorded 23 cubic meters for RM14.50
These figures show my actual average usage is well below 30 cubic meters at between 20 and 25 cubic meters.

After the installation of the new meter, the reading is more reflective of my actual average usage which is well below 30 cubic meters.

I did not have any special function for the period between 17/08/18 – 19/09/18 (as reflected in my September Invoice No. [protected]) that warranted such a high reading of 42 cubic meters of usage.

In view of this, I kindly request your good office to look into the exceptional high September billing and remit the discrepancy in accordance with your good conclusion. Thanking you in advance.