Complaint Against a Service United States

TA Harrisburg, Freightliner Altoona, AlleghenyTrkRep Altoona

Drove truck to TA. Mechanic calls and says he can’t fix issues and broke something on truck and needs to be towed to another shop. Towing company fixed truck. But still got charged by TA. Some manager said I would get reimbursed. Never happened.

Took another truck to AlleghenyTrkRep. Estimate was $15,000. Stopped them from doing any further work but still had to pay $2500.

Again drove a truck to Freightliner in Altoona for faulty guages. They called with a $5000 estimate. Told them to stop but still had to pay $2500. Couldn’t drive out of shop. Look like something was jammed in air dryer purge valve. Which I had to borrow another $500 for them to fix that.

Seems like even though they can’t fix the vehicle they try to rebuild whole vehicle from the ground up. Or try to make their bosses happy by inflating the issue. Plus they know independent owner operators (any driver really) are too busy driving around and no time to argue. BEWARE OF THESE SHOPS!!!

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Altoona