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Taco Bell — Made order wrong.

It was around 8:35 pm that I went to the Loyola location in Kenner, LA. I went in the store to place my order through the machine and pay for it . I order a combo for my son, taco supreme for my husband and for me got the power bowl with no Pico De Gallo on it. They got my order wrong so when I mention to them the did again the power bowl but she forgot to add the seasonel rice so I was just to upside to check again I left the store. But when I got home I look at my order and that when I found that the rice was missing and since I live far from the location. I did not want to drive back because I would so angre that I would have been yell at them about getting my order wrong. Would you be mad if they got your order wrong and then drive back to the restaurant. I would like a refund for the power bowl only. Another thing why can they have a section to where one can get a print copy of they order why it only text, email or no receipt. Some people would like a receipt instand of give out there email or phone number. As much as people like to get any information on a person how come you can get to where one can pay at the counter. Every one of your restaurant get some of my order wrong but some fix it right the second time this just out fix wrong both time. My number is [protected]. if you have any question would like to asked. This time I don’t mind giving out my number. Thank you very much for listen and hopefuly I hear from you to what you are going to do.

3012 Loyola Dr, Kenner, LA 70065, United States
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