Complaint Against a Service United States

Tactical USA

I received an email from a company supposaidly associated with the nra. They were sending two free gun magnets and 1 laser for my gun for shipping costs only. I could purchase another laser for an additional 19.95 and an additional 4.95 shipping charge and a free gun bag.

I went for it. Received only 1 laser 1 magnet and 1 gun bag. No one aswered phone when I called to let them know there was an error.

I get another email asking if my order came in. When I clicked on yes, i had no idea and no where was it said in their email that i was signing up for some kind of something. I still dont know what it is but they are taking out of my business checking account $59.95 monthly without any concent.

They used the same credit card number I used to pay for their shipping.

Bank cant refund money it was my debit card. All I can do is get a new card which will cause me a lot of issues since my vendors, paypal, etc have my card info which they use for payments also my vehicle insurances all my payments are made via this card.

What a scam! Please look into this and see if you can stop these thieves from scamming others.

Thank you!

N. A. Sandoval

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Boston
Address 62 Commonwealth Ave Apt 4
Phone (844) 846-1137