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Taft & McSally LLP

Sarah Taft-Carter, appointed superior court judge in Rhode Island in 2010, is the daughter of former corrupt cranston mayor, James Taft, has filled her destiny in keeping the greased wheels of rhode island corruption spinning. The law firm of Taft & Mcsally in cranston, rhode island, lists its specialties as business and commercial law, zoning, real estate, divorce, civil litigation, estate planning and personal injury, but non of these are the specialty of the firms james taft founded in the 50’s. That’s because, since its inception, the real business that the law firm of Taft and Mcsally engages in is the rigging of elections in Rhode Island at the town, city, and state level. Thats it. Thats what they really do….and it helps to get your family members appointed as judges to help rid yourself of the competition to do so. But dont complaint too loudly, because she obviously has someone, a son, on the state of rhode island law enforcement payroll to squelch those… eveything else they squelch that causes them liability.

Robert D. Murray, a cranston, rhode island attorney, partner at taft mcsally, and partner at Elite Football School, was a ring leader of a rigged election in cranston, rhode island in 2002 in favor of steve laffey which also included criminals judge robert “bobby pirragz” pirraglia, earl buddy croft, bishop hendricken coaches keith croft and david exter, police officers carnivale, matthew davis, erik bacarri, matthew ricci, police chief walter craddock, and a host of other unsavory characters from rhode island that bastardized the justice system and the rights of an innocent individual for their own benefit by falsifying police reports to get themselves out of trouble through the 6th district court in providence, rhode island.

If you’re looking for an attorney to write false complaints for you, to bring about false charges against innocent people so you dont have to get in trouble for what you did,like he did for Bishop Hendricken head football coach, keith croft and coach david exter, Robert D. Murray is your guy. A former prosecutor, so he knows how to do it. His client list includes many people he would regard as upstanding, but that’s just because the term scumbags doesn’t sound as good in a court of law. Be sure to not only pay attention in cranston, ri, but also narragansett, north kingstown, and foster/glocester, he’s on the payroll there, too, and ready to remedy their liability at your expense, also. Be sure to retain him before he loses his license and you miss out on the chance to frame innocents for your own crimes because its politically convenient.

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