Complaint Against a Service United States

TAG Heuer — Tag Heuer- Vintage F1 – Formula 1- ladies W1411

Dear Tag Heuer Customer Service Team:

I own this watch for many years and have really built a travel and experience life with it. Throughout the years it has never had any problems other than the usual battery change and small wear and tear which were fixed by your authorized repair location in New Jersey – USA.

This past December (DEC 4, 2019) a piece of the crown broke and I sent it to repair as in the past.

For 1 month there was little to no contact from the Service Center other than an email requesting payment for the service. The explanation for the service was listed on the bill and I assumed that the parts to be replaced where necessary and would be the correctly chosen for that watch.

This week after many calls to a not so professional Customers Service Center I was able to pick up my watch from the FedEx location.

To my appall and sadnesses I found a watch re-faced with a NON ORIGINAL CROWN AND A BRACELET with 2 NEW LINKS and CLAPS of a DIFFERENT FINISH!!! Pictures attached.

What is this??? It was like going to the dentist for a cavity and leaving with black teeth dentures!!!
My past experiences with this location was nothing but true and professional.

My sadness is without measure as I treasure my little watch dearly, this experience was much disappointing and COSTLY.
I paid for a service and now my watch looks like a cheap 2nd quality bought in the streets of Bangkok. AND IT DOES NOT EVEN FIT MY WRIST!!!
Please advise.

TAG Heuer
Customer Care Service

966 South Springfield Avenue- Springfield – NJ 07081, United States