Complaint Against a Service


Something Fishy going on here. I picked up a van this evening. My paperwork said the van had half a tank of gas. It actually had a tad bit less but I let that slide. I drove 12 miles in it, and before returning it put in an additional 2 gallons. It had more gas in it than when I returned it.

At the rental location, I was told I had to pay an additional $5 because I did not return it half full. So let me get this straight. The van I drove only gets 6 miles per gallon?

The absolute worse van mileage is the Ford E350 van, and that gets 12 miles per gallon. Something fishy is going on here because when I accepted (not happily) the charge and told them to place it on my card, I was told I had to pay separately in cash.

What kind of scam is being run here? IF there is a next time, I am taking with me my camera and taking a picture of the gas BEFORE taking the van out and comparing it to the sheet of paper given to me at the start and making one of the employees initialize it.


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