Complaint Against a Service United States

Takealot — False Advertisement

I am so disappointed in takealot.

I purchased a item with the option of 30 day Hassel free return, but instead of Hassel free I got embarrassment and disappointment.

I was told at the returns counter that takealot ‘obviously’ does not accept returns for intimate items. My return was the declined with no notification nor a reason, even though the item specificly says I can return it for 30 days hassle free.

I really feel let down.
I have never experienced this bad service from them before.
They so nice when you fork out money to them but as soon as you need something returned, they treat you like you nothing.

Takealot is such a big company that earns a ton of money.
That 1 item that I need to return is peanuts to them, but a chunk to me.

I have already purchased items since I logged the return, but after I receive these items I am not returning.