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Tammie Johnson PTB Property Management

I would like to state that for the last two years I have been dealing with a landlady that that has been taking all my money but never did want to fix up anything that falls in code to what a landlord should fix by law in my case was black mold in the bathroom due to plumbing issues, black mold in the ac unit which I could not get inside to clean,electrical issues, and other maintenance issues that I was left to fix by myself previous tenants, termites that ate around window wood, tiles coming out throughout the apartment, tree limbs on top of the roof,electrical issues I would like to also state due to the black mold issue I have been getting sick living in the condition of this apartment for the last two years hoping things would get fixed.

My landlord Mrs. Tammy Johnson has had her property enlisted into two property management groups Rowe Realty 2021 Warm Springs Rd, Columbus, GA 31904 phone number (706) 322-6553 PMI Chattahoochee Valley The Corporate Center 233 12th St #802, Columbus, GA 31901 phone number 762) 359-0317 and they both have terminated her contracts due to her not wanting to fix up repairs. Because of me constantly asking Mrs. Tammy Johnson to fix repairs she wants me to move out of her property. This is letter 1 she sent me to evacuate the premises to get out of her responsibility of doing what she needs to do as a landlord.

Greetings. I am Tammie Johnson, owner of the property located at 2901 Thomas Street also referred to as 936 Benner Avenue. My contract with PMI Chattahoochee (property management) has been terminated. The reason noted is that the property has repair issues greater than PMI was set up to handle. I understand their reasoning and appreciate all that they have done for our properties. Currently, quarantine rules and safety risks render us unable to acquire a property management company to provide repairs. As a result, we are no longer able to lease this property in its current state. At this time, I’d like to discuss your options.

Option 1: You may return the keys and leave the premises, immediately. There is no penalty. Your security deposit will be returned to you within 5 business days of returning the attached documents.

Option 2: You may continue living at the property until June 2, 2020. There is no lease, no rents will be collected. * If option 2 is selected, additional requirements will be provided in a separate letter (i.e – must provide proof of a current water and electrical account, must maintain the property, must not engage or allow others to engage in unlawful activities on the premises, must reside in the home, etc.). In order to return your security deposit to you, I will need the attached Early Termination of Lease document and TCLS returned to me as soon as possible. You may scan and send via email to An official letter of termination has been sent to your attention through certified mail.

Thank you for trusting us for all these years. We wish you well during this trying season.


Tammie Johnson

I understand that COVID-19 is affecting a lot of things but the issues that I requested to be resolved by Mrs. Tammy Johnson has been issues that I had way before the COVID-19 epidemic. I respect and appreciate that Mrs. Johnson has gave me three months free of rent and my deposit back but it is not gonna resolve my issue with me finding a place to move to within my income which is SSI disability $783 monthly.

As of April I have been going in searching for places to live before June 2 but I’m not having any luck. I have tried applying for section 8 in the past to fit my income but I have not had any luck in getting into the program. The only option I would have is to move back in with a family member or friend back home but due to the COVID-19 virus my home state is under lock down for travel. I feel Mrs. Tammy Johnson has just abandon me as a tenant and did not care about me as a tenant all she cared about was my money.

I tried explaining my issues to her but she just did not care. I could end up homeless if I can not find another place to rent. I have always paid rent to her on time and I just don’t understand why I’m I being treated this way. Also Mrs. Johnson has refused to give me any documents for file when I will need this for my own file to give to SSI disability (payment receipts)… If feel if Mrs. Tammie Johnson would stay off casual sex sites she would be able to focus more on her business. It’s business before pleasure.

Country United States
State Georgia
City Mableton
Address 6273 Beverly Drive