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Do not go here:))) 
I booked in for a half head of 16 inch extensions which the lady on the phone said was fine. I paid my £50 deposit beforehand. 
When I turned up the girls weren’t very welcoming at all – and if their own extensions are done in store then they’re really not a good advertisement! 
So I sat down and the girl came over and informed me that I actually needed a full head of extensions due to my hair being so thick – which is strange considering my friend that got her hair done there previously was informed she needed a full head because of the fact her hair was so THIN ? 
So this then resulted in costing an extra £250 for the hair I ‘apparently’ required. 
I didn’t have the money on me right then so the girl then briefly suggested something about doing half today and seeing if I could pop in in the morning to have the other half done as the shop was closing soon and they wouldn’t have time to fit a full head that afternoon. My mum offered to pay the extra money for me as I’d wanted to get my hair done for a long time before I went on holiday. Another girl behind the till then piped up saying she’d have to ring the manager – I heard no phone call yet she then came back saying I’m ‘not allowed’ to have half done today and thE other half the next day as they wouldn’t let me leave the store like that – which is fair enough but I was OBVIOUSLY going to come back and get the other half done as I wasn’t about to jet off on holiday with half a head of hair was I?! 
Then they offered for me to just come in the next day and get the full head done but I’d have to re pay the £50 deposit as my space that afternoon could have been filled by someone else… weird considering there were empty chairs and 2 girls stood around doing nothing so I’m sure if anyone wanted to book in they would’ve been free to do it! So anyway they took my £50 deposit and I did NOT book to get my hair done with them as the girls were so rude and abrupt making me try and feel stupid for not knowing much about extensions. 
The manager clearly isn’t so money smart either as, yes, she took my £50 but had they of been more inviting and helpful she would’ve got another £300 out of me if I’d re booked to get it done another time!

Definitely wouldn’t recommend, I can only speak for the Guildford store but after seeing the quality of the hair on the girls working there and also on one client that was in there at the same time… I think you’re better off avoiding going here as it really did NOT look the best – and I’m not just saying that to be bitter.

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