Complaint Against a Service

Tarte / Delivery and customer service response is horrible

I placed an order for a special makeup kit that was final sale, once ordered it advised me shipping might be longer than expected. This was fine as it’s a xmas gift and it is currently June. After not receiving package after a week I checked the status and the shipping co DHL cited “insufficient address” turns out the zip was off by two numbers and it was currently being shipped back to Tarte (no notification to me). Customer Service along with a manager told me 5 out of 6 of my products were out of stock and they can only give me a full refund and 70% off code. As a previous e-commerce employee, I don’t understand why they do not have the ability to notify their warehouse to send my package to the correct address – but, alas, they say they cannot do it. This was my first or second time shopping with Tarte for xmas gifts for my daughter and I will not be giving them my business after this occurrence.