Complaint Against a Service Egypt

Tawfik elnaggar / Canelation of shipping

I have a problem with the credibility and seriousness of Jomia Egypt.Please search and solve it.I asked 2products and the first request was met and delivered to the shipping company and an email was sent to me that the product will arrive on 18/5/2019 with the shipping representative and I tried to contact the shipping agent and always have a closed phone .. The next day the representative was changed and his phone is also closed and then I received an email that the shipment was canceled without reason.The same was repeated the same way in the second product on 21/5 was delivered to the shipment with a delegate and also a mobile closed and after hours of waiting was canceled the request without reasons also. When the complaint was made several times it was explained that the shipment was damaged … although each product was shipped on its own.I sent this e-mail to Jomia Egypt and read:Explanation that the shipment was damaged during the shipment, as mentioned in the follow-up department when they contact me today, the explanation is unacceptable because the shipment was shipped to me twice … The first product shipped on 18/5 with a delegate and the delegate was changed the next day 19/5 and then canceled.Then the same thing happened to the second product on 21/5, it was shipped with delegate and I tried to contact him more than once and the mobile is closed constantly and then the shipment was canceled without reasons.This is in a manner where manipulation and disregard for customers and not damage to all shipping because it was not shipped with each other and each product was shipped separately … If Jumia accepted this reasoning, I do not accept… and hold my right in the harvest on the products in any form and then come to apologize after that .. “Jumia is not a company that does not deserve the trust of its customers … I do not accept an apology and just send any mony as an apology and I hold my right to obtain producers. 
So far the problem has not been solved