Complaint Against a Service

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Got locked out of my car because someone tried breaking into the only keyhole. I was stuck in Haleiwa starting at 1:30. I gave AAA a call and explained what happened and the woman,

I can’t remember her name all too well I believe it either started with an E or a K, could not for the love of God understand what Haleiwa was.

I explained I was next to Matsumoto Shave Ice and she didn’t understand where that was. Next place I gave her was Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. She asked which location and I said as clear as day, Haleiwa.

After she asked me to repeat several times, I spelled it out for her. Afterward, she asked for my card info to charge me for the service which she somehow understood perfectly.

Later, I get a call saying my driver was dispatched and he asked to clarify if I was at Teddy’s in Wahiawa. I said, “no, I’m next to the Haleiwa location.” He understood and said he was gonna be 45 minutes since he’s coming from town.

Then, 30 minutes later he calls me saying he’s going to take a job at Kaneohe first but he’ll try to get someone else to take me so I won’t have to wait for over an hour longer.

About 45 minutes later I get another call from a tow driver also named Daniel. He said, “I’m here at Wahiawa Teddy’s but I can’t seem to find you.” I said, “I already explained I never was at Haleiwa to the first two people I spoke to.”

He responds “oh they told me Wahiawa.” Now, I told someone I share the AAA membership with what’s going on and they gave them a call and explained to her they’re taking long because “he gave us the wrong address.”

Now I’ve been waiting for over two and a half hours and I call back the driver who was at Teddy’s Wahiawa and he said he doesn’t cover Haleiwa side despite it being a 20-minute drive from where he’s at.

He claims another driver should call soon that can cover Haleiwa. I got a call but instead, it was from a man claiming he needs to charge me for the service that never came. I said I already gave them my info and the driver never came.

I don’t know who hires someone who doesn’t know what Haleiwa is, and who takes a job from the other side of the island and ditches me. Overall, worst experience needing a tow I ever had.

I wish I could remember the names of those two so they could be punished accordingly. The worst part is they blamed the customer for their mistakes.


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