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Taxi Driver BA 7935 — taxi driver behaviour

Saturday, 16 Mar 2019 from 10.20am to 10.30am
On my way walking back to my house in Apartment Mawar after complete my Saturday payers at Sentul Timur temple, saw a taxi(red and white taxi) were parked near the walking platform.When i turn in a glance, saw this taxi driver was half naked with his pants open until knee and doing masturbate with car windows and passenger door is open.Add on, he asked if i need any help.Since there is no much people around, i just continue walk and after reach a safe distance i turned back to take his taxi number.
It was early in the morning and i was walking alone since my house was nearby, yet is seems like still not safe for any ladies to step out from their house alone.Please take back the taxi and license from this kind of people.He will add more and more rape case.At least, save ladies from become his victim.
Location, walk path opposite to Apartment Melur.The walk path is connection to LRT Sentul Timur.Im making my complaint here because SPAD website is down and i cant get any way to complaint.