Complaint Against a Service United States

Taylorcraft Homes

After 22 months and 4 superintendents still this company has not delivered. Great at making promises at every step along way and not delivering in a timely manner, ended up in a motel for 6 months after promises that the home construction would be ready at a specific time but was not ready.

The problems were numerous and at all phases of construction: window openings missing and incorrect sizes, promised Andersen windows but delivered Plygem/Silverline instead, recessed lights installed in wrong locations, poor quality cabinets installation with splotchy spray-painted-like finish, missing cabinets, cabinets installed in wrong location, missing door hardware, missing screen door, wrong porch columns, chase not installed to proper height, discolored bricks, faulty electrical circuits, scratched flooring, no phone wiring, no shutters, missing keys, sloppy ceiling texturing, kitchen island installed in wrong location, missing attic insulation, missing crawlspace insulation, garage exterior lights one higher than the other, countless delays, and so on.

To make matters worse I needed to pay double after Taylor Homes was paid in full just to expedite getting house to liveable condition so we could get out of the motel: gravel, final grading and drainage, electrical and drywall fixes, replacing stolen light fixtures, and even the cleaning up of construction mess.

The company has made some effort and corrected most issues so we finally obtained a certificate of occupancy, but we are still owed upwards of $10,000 that they have not refunded to us yet, and there are issues with cabinets, plumbing, and exterior yet to be resolved.

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Whites Creek
Address 7556 Old Hickory Blvd
Phone 1 615-876-7490