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Telkom / mobile / lte connection

Telkom SUCKS! I have an LTE connection that is faulty. I have open already 2 ([protected] / [protected]) cases with them without any luck.

I don’t even have a call from a technician at all and this after more than a week after I log the last case. I call their support every day and all that they can say is a technician will call me. And this does not happen!

  • Updated by¬†Chris Roux, Nov 26, 2018

    I open 2 (25699664 / 25724530) cases regarding my LTA that is not working. This is now more than a week and I have not even got any call from Telkom at all.

  • I contact their support every night and all that they can say is they will attend to it but nothing happens.

    2nd Floor,
    Telkom Mobile Building
    92 Oak Avenue
    Highveld Park
    South Africa
    +27 123 112 186