Complaint Against a Service South Africa

Telkom SA SOC / Incompetancy of staff members

First things first. I got my Telkom ADSL line in September 2018. nobody phoned me afterward to find out if I’m satisfied with the service or any thing. they did not ask if I will be making cash payments or will I make payments via debit order, I had to phone them and ask them since November to make my debit order for the 15th of every month, till date nothing has ever happened to that, still I have to make cash payments every month and they terminate my line until payment is received, then I have to pay a reconnection fee, they have however repaid the reconnection fee back to me, but still my debit order is not correct. I spoke to a lady last week and she said that my debit order will go of on the 15th of January, and it did not happen, now I have to make a cash payment because of their mistakes.

Telkom SA SOC Customer Care Service
2nd Floor,
Telkom Mobile Building
92 Oak Avenue
Highveld Park
South Africa
+27 123 112 186