Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater


Approximately 9 months ago I noticed one of my rings was missing. When the cleaning team arrived for the scheduled visit, I asked the team leader did she see my ring. She claimed to first not understand me (language barrier), and then said, “I didn’t see it”. I mentioned the missing ring to the owner, Michael Mucci. He said, “My girls go through background checks, and I have never had a complaint”. Several month passed ~ I was never able to find the ring. Mr. Mucci said he was bonded and insured, but never asked me if the ring was recovered. A few weeks ago, while preparing to dress for work, I looked for my necklace ~ it was stolen. I searched my jewelry box, and the surrounding area to no avail. When I had the opportunity to speak with Michael Mucci again, I told him I was missing another item. He immediately said, my girls don’t steal. I told him I searched extensively and this is the second time jewelry has been stolen. I have discontinued the service, and caution anyone that uses the Cleaning Authority of Huntington, NY.