Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater


I have an elderly special needs uncle whom I have started helping with his very limited budget. I noticed a recurring $39 charge each February on his Exxon card (which states it has no membership fee). The charge was linked to RGI & Card Services in Florida at 800-754-21147. Spoke to a Brad ** and was told it was a charge from United Marketing Group in Santa Monica, CA.

Brad ** had no idea when or how my uncle signed up for this. He could not verify when and where my uncle signed up. Sounds like they snuck this in on his bill 18 years ago. 18 years at $39 per year adds up to $702. Sounds pretty scammy to me. How can Exxon allow this to be put on their card? How can these people sleep soundly at night? They say they will stop charges and can refund 1 year. NOT the other 17 years. Hope you don’t have any elderly people or special needs in your family. If so keep a close eye on those willing to prey upon them because prey is an accurate word in this case.