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UPS drivers are dishonest, incompetent, and unreliable. They frequently, falsely claim that a delivery attempt was made for items our family have purchased online, the most recent instance of which was today.

We were at home the entire time the driver claims the delivery attempt was made, but no one rang our doorbell, which functions perfectly; nor was any form of Info Notice left at our residence, and we have multiple witnesses to this effect. In light of the extraordinary inconvenience the futile wait for purchased items creates for untold numbers of dissatisfied customers and the complaints that have ensued over the years, one would think that UPS would have taken measures to rectify such irresponsible employee behavior, but this is clearly not the case.

The Internet is full of thousands of complaints made by customers who have experienced the exact same ordeal, and in a city like Los Angeles, where a three-mile drive can easily take one full hour, it is nothing short of audacious to ask customers to drive to a pick-up location to retrieve their items! The dishonest drivers responsible for extreme inconveniences of this nature need to be held accountable, and UPS needs to introduce measures that can effectively prevent this type of dishonest conduct among its drivers and staff.

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