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United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — failed to do what they said.

On Tuesday 1/28/20 I received an email stating that an adult signature was required on my package, It also stated that it would be delivered between 03:15 PM and 07:15 PM On Wednesday 1/29/20. On Wednesday at 12;22 PM while I was at the grocery store UPS attempted delivery almost 3 hours before they stated they would. I received another email stating that they would attempt delivery on Thursday 1/30/20. BETWEEN 03:15 PM AND 07:15 PM AGAIN!!!
Since Thursday was not possible for me, I went on-line to change the delivery day to Friday. I got it all done and then they wanted me to PAY $6.00 to change delivery to Friday! I contacted customer service and after the usual automated assistant I got to a real person (heavy accent) They said someone would call me. Later a woman did call me, she stated that they do not set a time window. So you can not believe what they tell you. SO I guess they intentionally lie to you. When I told her that I tried to change the delivery date so they wouldn’t waste their time and gas to attempt another delivery but they wanted to charge me $6.00 to do it, she just ignored it and said she would change the delivery to Friday. Well, We’ll see what happens but I have very little faith in UPS.

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