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Repeatedly mail is not held. Four times during the last four months mail has been delivered the first day of a hold period and is there until I return back in town. I have repeatedly complained to Charlie the supervisor if the 1706 nw 24 th st post office 97210. I have written. Attention Charlie on the top of the yellow hold mail request forms. The problem is not my regular carrier but those who cover for her. This last time I left I submitted the hold mail form and removed my mail box so the mail would not be left. Wrong. When I returned I discovered that the mail had been left anyway by the front gate. During the week it had rained and so when I returned from out of town I found the wet mail. Again I complained to supervisor Charlie who told me to leave a note saying do not deliver mail in my mail box when I was gone. I will not do this since it tells everyone that the house in empty and a good target to break in and rob. What do I do? [protected]

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